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My name is Jasmine Im 18 years old & reside in TEXAS, I'm a freshman in college. This blog just contains a bunch of random things that I happen to like & enjoy. Feel free to leave me messages on here, cause I love talking to new people<3

my interests

Music, MAKE UP, texting, Drake, Football, New Orleans Saints, Fashion, Heels, Chris Brown, Scary Movies, Meek Mill, money, sweatpants, Usher, Cold Weather, hoodies, Kirko Bangz, my family, driving, dancing, my iphone, Houston, The beach, tumblr, twitter, NBA, Sleeping, Training, shopping, going to the movies, being with my friends, Christmas, the holiday's, uggs, hot chocolate, + more

frequently asked questions

question: What's the name of your song?
answer:Do You - Do or Die
question: can you check out my blog/vote for me/follow me?
answer: if you ask nicely I will check out your blog.
question: Where do you get your themes from?
answer: >I ALWAYS leave credit on my themes, so you can ALWAYS find where I get my themes from.
really liking the new mac collection, style seeker :)

really liking the new mac collection, style seeker :)

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tags: collection. mac. makeup. style seeker. mac collection. blush. matte. lipstick. eyeshadow.

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